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Thank you for visiting the Greater Lincolnshire Jobs and Careers Fair website. This page provides visitors with useful advice and support about job searching, as well as opportunities for training.

Below you'll find a number of helpful links and contact details. Whether you're searching for a new job, exploring new career opportunities or just interested in finding out more, there is a support service out there for you.

The current series of Online Jobs Fairs has come to an end. Check back to this page for updates on future events.

Live Jobs Fairs
Live events will take place on this site once a month. To find out more, please read through the FAQs and take a look at the Visitor Guide, available to download from the bottom of this page.

If you would like to watch a demo of a live jobs fair, please click here and scroll down to 'ONLINE JOBS FAIR DEMO ‐ VISITOR PERSPECTIVE' . At the bottom of this page are a number of FAQs that cover what to expect if you are planning on attending live jobs fair in the future.

Information for Schools/Colleges/Teachers and Career Leaders
Young people are welcome to participate in the Online Jobs and Careers Fairs. It is recommended that you consult the school or college safeguarding policy and procedures before signposting students to the website. 

There is a resource at the bottom of this page that will help students to navigate the website.
If you require any further support, please get in touch with your dedicated Enterprise Coordinator.

Additional resources include:
The World of Work | Greater Lincolnshire LEP > Discover your career choices
GLLEP - Online Jobs & Careers Fair (

National Careers Service
The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance across England to help individuals make decisions on learning, training and work. The service offers confidential and impartial advice and is supported by qualified careers advisers

Face-to-face Advice: Call 0800 100 900 to find out if you're eligible for a face-to-face appointment with an adviser.

Text/SMS: Text your name and the word ADVICE to 07766 413219 and a National Careers Service adviser will call you back for free. You can also use this text number to ask for information like telephone numbers and addresses. Please note we can't open pictures sent by text.

Visit Website:

Government 'Find A Job' Service
Access this free online job search tool provided by GOV.UK

Job Centre Plus
Use this website to search for jobs and get advice on a number of different topics:

Follow Job Centre Plus on Twitter and social media for the Greater Lincolnshire area:

For the surrounding area:

Universal Credit
Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs. It’s paid monthly. You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income, out of work or you cannot work.

See more here:

Citizens Advice
Access the Help To Claim Service from Citizens Advice – support is available online, face to face or over the phone.
0800 144 8 444 (calls are free and lines open 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday)


When is the next live Jobs Fair?
There are no live events planned at this time, however you are able to use the website by searching through exhibition stands and watching helpful videos on the Main Stage. 

How do I access the live event on the day?
Simply go to - from there, start exploring the fair by clicking on:
  •  Employers with Vacancies
  •  Education, Training and Apprenticeships
  •  Support Services

Don't forget to visit the Main Stage to see videos on a range of useful topics. 

Are the Jobs Fairs Free?
Yes, they are completely free of charge for exhibitors and visitors.

I support people to get back into work or training. Do you have any information I can share with my clients?
Yes, please see the marketing resources at the bottom of this page that can be shared via social media and email.
Please email for more help and information. 

What can I expect from the live event?
As a visitor you'll be able to browse virtual stands with a range of different kinds of exhibitors such as employers with job vacancies, training and apprenticeship providers, and support and advice services.

Each exhibition stand will provide links to the organisation's website, including any recruitment pages. Plus, there'll be images, brochures and video content explaining more about what it is like to work there. You can also see social media handles and send in your CV direct to the company.

You will be able to send instant messages to someone from the organisation in real time. You can also request a live video chat.

What is the 'Main Stage'?
This is where the event speakers will talk and you'll be able to watch video clips which will appear as they go live throughout the event..

Can I see the information after the event?
Yes. The resources on this site, including the exhibition stands, will remain until the next live event, so you can check back at any time to revisit the information.

I have heard about other Jobs Fairs. Do you know anything about them?
Yes, there are some other Job Fairs taking place and information about these will be provided here. As far as we know this is the only Online Jobs and Careers Fair to cover the whole of Greater Lincolnshire that allows visitors to communicate directly with exhibitors.




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